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I'm A Travel Agent


I offer first-class service no matter your budget. What does that mean? I spend time getting to know you and I offer suggestions based on your interests. I am there for you before, during, and after the trip and if you need anything, just call, text or email. As your personal travel advisor, I provide restaurant recommendations, advice on which days have the lowest attendance, suggest rooms to request at your resort, tips on how to navigate the parks, which special events & tours are worth a splurge, provide opening & closing times and tons more. After 30+ years of visiting Disney and Universal, I have a wealth of knowledge that I pass on to my clients.


First of all, my services are FREE! Booking through FIRST CLASS DISNEY is never more expensive than booking directly with Disney or any other website.  As a Certified Disney Specialist, I have access to Disney's Travel Agent site and I look everyday for special offers for my clients. If there is not a discount for your dates, I carefully monitor your reservation and when Disney announces a new special offer, I automatically administer any discount that applies to your trip.


My commission is the difference between wholesale prices and retail prices, the exact same prices as every website out there. The question to ask yourself:  Do you want that commission to go to an impersonal website which knows nothing about you or do you want that commission to go to me, an "always-there-for-you" individual who:

Gets to know you personally and works to grow that relationship through the years.

Recommends places & activities specifically for you.

Goes the extra mile with restaurant recommendations, touring tips, suggested sights, etc.

Provides a customized itinerary that pulls all the components of your trip together.

Is your personal advocate while on your trip if anything goes wrong? 


FIRST STAGE: the quote

I create an initial quote that includes the basics like air, hotels, meal plans, theme park tickets, rental cars, transfers, etc.  After the first quote, we work together to change the quote until it is the vacation you envisioned. We then make a deposit to hold the reservation.


SECOND STAGE: the planning

After your deposit is applied, I begin fine-tuning your trip by adding in activities, transfer options, destination transportation, opening & closing times for attractions, restaurant options, and anything else you would like me to investigate. We communicate as often as you like and I am available for you at all times.


THIRD STAGE: the trip

While on your trip, I am your go-to person. If anything goes wrong I am there for you, day and night, to solve any problems. I can also vet any sudden changes and be there if you have any questions. When you return we can talk about the highlights and what I could have done differently so that for your next trip I will know your personal style, your specific interests and what trip components to apply to your future trips.